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I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I posted, but I’ve just taken a break from playing the sims the past few months because I was busy settling into my new school. I’ve recently started playing again ever since dine out came out, and I’m hoping to start posting again!

There will be periods like these where I’m on hiatus due to school/personal reasons which I’m really sorry about but I’ll try to minimize them as much as possible! I definitely want to finish this legacy, so I’ll keep going until then ūüėÄ Thanks for sticking with me!

The Sims of Gen 3 & Introducing Gen 4

Now that Aurora is a young adult, we’re¬†officially moving on to Gen 4! Here’s a quick recap of the previous generation..

11-01-15_4-01-07 AM

Tiana Tanzantie, our Gen 3 heir! The Tiana we all know and love- headstrong, independent, ambitious. She spent most of her life single-handedly building up the restaurant of her dreams- she worked long hours, often staying over in the restaurant, and continued to run it even in her elder years. Her passion and determination payed off, carving a name for the Tanzanites- into something worth calling a legacy.

11-19-15_2-46-39 PM

Tiana was a workaholic, and didn’t spend much time outside home or the restaurant. However, she fell in love with this man, Naveen, whom she had met at the park by chance as a teenager. He was confident, and even had a slight air of arrogance- but he was also very musically talented, charming and funny in his own way. He was by no means the perfect boyfriend or husband, but neither was Tiana. They understood each other, and he was the only one whom she let through her tough exterior, the only one who knew how to make her laugh.

02-13-16_12-58-40 PM

The two of them ended up having only one child, Aurora. Spending most of her time away from home at the restaurant, she didn’t have much time to raise children. Tiana and Naveen only grew closer as the years passed, especially in their elder years when life finally slowed down for them. It’s funny how in many ways, their elder years were really the best years of their lives- not their youth. Naveen also ended up having a pair of alien twins after being abducted, Xander and Araceli.

03-28-16_11-45-42 PM

Lottie Tanzanite

06-18-15_10-42 PM-3

Tiana¬†may have be the heir of this generation, but Lottie was definitely the princess. She’s self-assured, romantic and pretty materialistic. Lottie was used to being spoiled, and having things her way- everything had to be perfect. She ended up falling in love and marrying a childhood friend of her’s, Jaxson. They moved to a beautiful townhouse in Newcrest and had twin baby girls.

06-19-15_6-05 AM-4

Tiana and Lottie were really close growing up and continued maintaining a strong relationship even when they got older.

06-20-15_11-14 PM

Charlotte Tanzanite

11-22-15_8-38-56 PM

Very much like her father in some ways, Charlotte was very active and a geek. She was also hot-headed, but learnt to control her fiery temper as she got older. Charlotte and Lottie weren’t on good terms when they were younger, with lots of arguing and fighting, much to Tiana’s disapproval. She was such a unique girl, different from her sisters. Charlotte ended up marrying Laura, someone whom she had actually met at her sister’s wedding.

12-22-15_7-06-16 PM

Their relationship had it’s ups and downs, but they stayed together and adopted a beautiful baby girl, Haley.

01-31-16_2-10-34 AM

This was at a later point in their lives, where Tiana and Lottie were already elders and Charlotte was an adult- and it’s good to see that the three of them still make time for each other and have girls’ days out.

Now, we’re finally moving on to gen 4, Aurora’s generation:

03-16-16_8-22-00 PM

Generation 4: Aurora “I walked with you once upon a dream”
Thanks to your mother’s hard work, you have everything you always wanted in life, apart from love. Your father was overprotective of you, and rarely let you out of the house. This story begins when Aurora becomes a YA.
– Must have the ‘Lazy’ trait.
– May only have 3 or less friends (Family can count if you wish)
– Must meet future spouse at night while parents are asleep
– Elope (you can run away if you wish)
– Have a maximum of 2 children (twin girls are preferred if playing Anna or Elsa next)

03-16-16_8-22-46 PM

Aurora is our resident sweetheart, she loves love, and she’s good, romantic as well as a little lazy. She grew up in comfort, never having to do anything herself. Aurora is a stay-at-home painter, selling her artworks to private collectors and art galleries. Ever since she was young, her lifetime aspiration was to find her prince charming. Now she thinks she’s finally found him, but is he ‘The One’?

I’m looking forward to moving onto Gen 4 and I hope you guys are too! We’re almost halfway through this legacy ūüôā

Disney Legacy Challenge- Chapter 47

In the last chapter, our alien twins aged up into children and had disguises, and our princess Aurora had fallen head over heels for this guy, Phillip.

03-12-16_5-02-09 PM

Life in the household was good, and everyone got along well, getting to know Xander and Araceli better as well.

02-13-16_4-51-03 PM02-13-16_4-52-14 PM

Now that her children are young adults, Lottie comes over to visit often, spending time with her sister and brother-in-law.

03-12-16_5-02-55 PM03-12-16_5-04-06 PM

This was just another beautiful Saturday afternoon, and the family were spending some time together out in the backyard and pool..

03-12-16_5-06-41 PM

“I bet you can’t do a backflip into the pool”

03-12-16_5-07-11 PM

“Oh come on now guys, let your big sis join in the fun”

03-12-16_5-05-28 PM

The children spent their time playing and having a splash in the pool, while Naveen and Tiana relaxed comfortably by the side, enjoying each other’s company and watching their kids in contentment. I guess sometimes it’s simple days like this, the little things, that are the most precious and special moments.

03-12-16_5-10-05 PM

03-12-16_5-12-54 PM

Everyone was ravenous after that swimming session, and Tiana quickly whipped up some BLTs for lunch, everyone still in their swimwear.

03-12-16_5-10-16 PM

“Just because it’s a Saturday doesn’t mean you don’t have to catch up on you work, little missy. Here, let me help you..”

03-12-16_5-14-14 PM

Well unlike her little sister, Tiana didn’t have much work to do as she was already an A student and graduating very soon. She smiled to herself as she received a text message from her best friend to meet up at their favorite cafe- she couldn’t wait to tell her all about Phillip!

03-12-16_8-04-26 PM

Aurora and Nora have been best friends since they were 5! Now that Aurora is older, she has a lot more freedom when it comes to going out and meeting up with her, as compared to when she was younger.

03-12-16_8-04-56 PM

“We need to snapchat this!”

03-12-16_8-05-05 PM

#BFFgoals *insert emoji of choice*

03-12-16_8-05-34 PM

03-12-16_8-06-24 PM

The girls had a good time, catching up over coffee and cake, enjoying the life of a teenager before they had to age up into young adults.

03-12-16_8-07-41 PM

“I can’t wait for you to meet him! I have such a huge crush on him!”

03-12-16_8-09-25 PM

“Well, don’t forget your bestie- I love ya!”

Meanwhile, our favorite couple were out at the park, enjoying an evening stroll and  the beautiful scenery..

03-12-16_8-13-25 PM 03-12-16_8-14-40 PM

Loving these pictures of them by the fountain :’)

03-12-16_8-21-03 PM

Of course, there were also incidents like Naveen coming home to find Araceli up dancing in the living room way past her bedtime..

03-12-16_8-21-55 PM

“What do you think you’re doing out of bed this late at night missy?”

03-12-16_8-22-03 PM

Naveen never stays mad for long though, and well, let’s just say she got her love of music and dancing from her father after all.

03-12-16_8-37-12 PM

Time flew by, and it wasn’t very long before it was time for Aurora to age up into a young adult.

03-12-16_8-36-59 PM

“Thanks for preparing this birthday party for me, mum, I love you so much”

03-12-16_8-41-51 PM03-12-16_8-41-55 PM

Tiana was over the moon, rushing about in the kitchen to make sure everything was perfect! Aurora is her only child, after all.

03-12-16_8-43-59 PM

Meanwhile, Aurora was upstairs, excited to invite her best friend, as well as a special someone..

03-12-16_9-21-29 PM

Tiana really went all out on the party preparation and decorations- just look at this place, there’s even a dance floor and photobooth!¬†And it’s all in Aurora’s favorite color, pink ūüôā

03-12-16_9-28-16 PM

No expenses were spared, there was even a cheese fountain and special buffet table.

03-12-16_9-28-31 PM

Everyone in the family was dressed up to match the theme of the party, how adorable- I love seeing all of them in pink!

03-12-16_9-29-13 PM

Of course, our birthday girl herself was looking gorgeous as usual.

03-12-16_9-30-40 PM

The party was a success, with all the guests enjoying the cool evening air, light music and delicious food..

03-12-16_9-30-05 PM

“Happy Birthday! Here’s to the most beautiful, caring and fun best friend, the only one I’ll ever need”

03-12-16_9-34-34 PM-2 03-12-16_9-34-08 PM

“Yay! Finally, adulthood!”

03-12-16_9-37-16 PM

The party was great, but the night wouldn’t have been complete without some alone time with her prince (as aurora likes to call him)..

03-12-16_9-38-15 PM

“Happy Birthday, sweetheart. You make such a beautiful young lady..”

The photobooth was a success as well, here are some of the best shoots:

03-12-16_9-42-59 PM

After the party, Aurora and her parents sat in the gazebo, enjoying the quiet time together..

03-12-16_9-43-30 PM

“I’m so incredibly proud of you, my love, and I know you’ll go on to do great things. I have complete faith in you to carry on this legacy and help it continue to grow.”

03-12-16_9-43-51 PM

“I can’t believe this, my little baby is all grown up.. Happy Birthday, Aurora. Know that I’ll always love you, and have your best interests at heart”

Everyone got teary and emotional, as they exchanged warm embraces. They had a small family, and probably a lonely one for most of Aurora’s childhood- but at the end of the day, all they have is each other.

02-13-16_4-37-32 PM

Over the course of the next few weeks, however, Tiana had a growing amount of unsettling thoughts and worries.. She knew her and Naveen were nearing the ends of their elder years, and couldn’t bear to leave Aurora or the twins alone.02-13-16_4-37-33¬†PM

The thought of never getting to see Aurora’s life as an adult, or see the twins age up, was really painful.

02-13-16_4-33-43 PM

“Was it a mistake, working so hard throughout my youth, and putting off having Aurora until I was older?”

02-13-16_4-35-18 PM

She talked to Naveen about it- surely he could understand. She never regretted anything from the past, up till now..

02-13-16_4-35-23 PM

“Don’t worry, my love, we’ll find a way to stay with them.. Let’s live in the present, and make the best of all we have instead of look back, alright?”

02-13-16_4-46-40 PM

Surely enough, if there’s a will, there’s a way.. Naveen found a huge stash of potions left to them from a few generations back, and among them, were some very expensive youth potions.

02-13-16_4-36-12 PM02-13-16_4-36-00 PM

“Well, we can only hope this works”

02-13-16_4-36-44 PM

Nobody knew if the potions were effective, but it did make Tiana feel better, and having her husband around with her was all the support and solace she needed..

Disney Legacy Challenge- Chapter 46

Hey guys! Sorry for being away the past few weeks, just haven’t really been in the mood for sims at all and needed a break.. but I’m back! In the last chapter, Xander and Araceli were born, and everyone wanted to keep them so here they are, all aged up..

02-12-16_5-05-23 PM

It’s nice having the kids around, since the large house was getting pretty empty with just Aurora and her parents. One of the old bedrooms had been renovated into a kids room for them, and the lucky rascals even have their own bathroom!

02-12-16_5-27-18 PM 02-12-16_5-27-25 PM 02-12-16_5-27-33 PM 02-12-16_5-27-37 PM 02-12-16_5-28-20 PM

Look at them sleeping peacefully :’) We have Xander on the left and Araceli on the right.

02-13-16_12-39-41 PM

Since there weren’t many aliens around in Willow Creek, Tiana was worried about them being teased in school for being different, and decided to help them with their human disguises..

02-13-16_12-39-58 PM-2

They’re just as cute in human-form, and have quickly bonded with each other, despite Xander’s mischievous tendencies.

02-13-16_12-42-37 PM02-13-16_12-42-19 PM

Aurora really enjoyed having two siblings, and they usually spent their afternoons studying together in the kitchen while hearing Aurora’s crazy stories.

02-12-16_4-57-43 PM

Aurora was almost a young adult, but had barely any cooking skill since she was used to being spolit with her mother’s cooking.¬†Tiana would have none of that though, and wanted her to pick up some cooking skills herself.

02-12-16_4-57-46 PM

‘You are my heir after all, and you need to know how to cook for your family! I learned from my mother, Cindy- it’s time for me to impart some of those skills and recipes..’

02-12-16_4-58-41 PM02-12-16_4-58-44 PM

Let’s just say.. she gave it her best shot, and didn’t injure herself too badly.

02-13-16_1-05-43 PM

Life in the Tanzanite household was busier, but in a good way. The twins were an unexpected gift, a blessing in disguise- they brought the family together, and injected some much-needed life into the household. Even as a child, Aurora has always been quiet- but not these two..

02-13-16_4-04-06 PM

‘Pleased to meet you, aunt Lottie!’

02-13-16_1-11-50 PM

Araceli was always in an upbeat mood, usually glowing green and lifting everyone’s spirits with her cheerful disposition.

02-13-16_4-03-45 PM02-13-16_4-03-49 PM

On the other hand, Xander was a bit of a mischievous kid, always playing pranks and goofing around..

02-13-16_1-13-49 PM

But he was a sweet child at heart, and just as loveable as his sister.

02-13-16_3-49-03 PM02-13-16_3-49-04 PM
Tiana and Naveen were thoroughly enjoying their retirements, spending all their time together at home having fun while the kids are at school, and even going on weekly dates..

02-13-16_12-54-07 PM02-13-16_12-56-29 PM

They frequented a local bistro in willow creek, enjoying a good chat and usually lots of laughter..

02-13-16_12-58-40 PM

Even now, their love hasn’t lost it’s spark, it’s just evolved into something more beautiful over the years.

02-13-16_4-17-37 PM

Not long after, they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary together at the very hotel they had their honeymoon at.

They spent the night flirting and giggling, like teenagers out on a first date..

02-13-16_4-26-48 PM02-13-16_4-26-04 PM02-13-16_4-25-35 PM

Naveen was being his usual, confident, self and cracking Tiana up.. until she looked over and tears welled up in her eyes.

02-13-16_4-26-44 PM

“Oh honey, thank you for all these amazing years together. Thank you for sharing my burden and my joy, I can’t imagine having lived this life without you”

Naveen was shocked- he rarely saw his headstrong, confident and usually calm wife shed tears..

02-13-16_4-19-51 PM

“Now now, my silly wife, I’m not going anywhere, you’ll be stuck with me for the rest of your life, I’m afraid. Wipe those tears and let’s go have some fun on the dance floor, shall we?”

02-13-16_4-27-40 PM02-13-16_4-27-24 PM

They danced and laughed together till the late night, making the most of their short stay away from home..

02-13-16_4-28-17 PM

“Honey, why don’t we head up to our room and end off the night with some fun, just like the old times”

02-13-16_4-30-46 PM02-13-16_4-31-14 PM

Just like the old times, eh?

02-13-16_4-31-30 PM

Romance was in the air, but not just for Tiana and Naveen..

02-13-16_1-34-42 PM

While her parents were away, Aurora sneaked out at night, having discovered a secret garden behind the estate.

02-13-16_1-36-04 PM

It had been hidden away, and none of the previous generations even knew of its existence..

02-13-16_1-37-03 PM

Aurora had found an¬†old wishing well deep within the garden, and without a second thought, she tossed a penny into the well, wishing for her heart’s greatest desire..

02-13-16_1-37-27 PM

“Please please please, just give me a sign, let me find the one for me, my prince charming”

02-13-16_1-50-42 PM

Not long after Aurora arrived, someone wandered into the secret garden, muttering to himself in amazement..¬†“Wow, what a place I’ve stumbled upon, I wonder if anyone’s been here.”

02-13-16_1-46-16 PM

Maybe it’s luck or coincidence, you could call it fate, even magic brought by a honest wish- but that night, that was how Aurora met Phillip.

02-13-16_1-45-41 PM02-13-16_1-46-59 PM

Alone in a world  of their own, surrounded by the beautiful garden, the two of them bonded quickly, enthralled by each other.

02-13-16_1-49-06 PM-2

A beautiful, innocent lady and a charming, mysterious man- a secret meeting in a hidden garden- it was almost like a fairytale.

02-13-16_1-49-37 PM

They spent the wee hours of the morning together in the garden, talking, laughing, and even having fun in the fountain.

02-13-16_1-51-43 PM02-13-16_1-52-54 PM

He was kind, funny, and very handsome..

02-13-16_1-52-47 PM-2

Sparks flew between them, and with all the magic in the air, a love interest between them quickly formed..

02-13-16_1-53-14 PM

“Until we meet again”

02-13-16_1-54-24 PM

Aurora rushed home, knowing that her parents would be home anytime.

02-13-16_3-48-04 PM

She went right to bed, exhausted after the long but incredible night..

02-13-16_4-00-10 PM
Her mood was at an all time high- anyone could tell the girl was in love- but she didn’t care who knew.

02-13-16_4-01-28 PM

Yes, they’ll probably be meeting again..

Tanzanite Estate

Hey guys ūüôā I finally finished renovating/decorating the Tanzanite Estate, and as you know, this is where my current disney legacy family currently resides. The version I have in my gameplay has cc, but this version ¬†I’m sharing is cc-free like my other builds!

Enjoy the tour ūüėČ

02-14-16_12-10-58 PM02-14-16_12-10-44 PM

exterior, front

02-14-16_12-11-29 PM02-14-16_12-12-06 PM

exterior, back

02-14-16_12-12-36 PM

outdoor pool and hot tub

02-14-16_12-13-19 PM02-14-16_12-13-01 PM

outdoor dining and gazebo

02-14-16_12-13-31 PM

family cemetery (currently lies the graves of our Gen 1 and 2 couples) 

02-14-16_12-14-15 PM02-14-16_12-13-52 PM


02-14-16_12-14-39 PM02-14-16_12-15-02 PM02-14-16_12-15-46 PM02-14-16_12-16-22 PM

main living room

02-14-16_12-17-27 PM

kitchen and dining

02-14-16_12-16-36 PM02-14-16_12-16-45 PM


02-14-16_12-16-54 PM

main dining area and bar

02-14-16_12-18-30 PM

1st floor bathroom

02-14-16_12-18-59 PM02-14-16_12-19-14 PM

home gym

02-14-16_12-19-35 PM

informal living room

02-14-16_12-20-19 PM 02-14-16_12-20-08 PM

2nd floor landing

02-14-16_12-20-59 PM 02-14-16_12-21-12 PM

upstairs hallways

02-14-16_12-24-21 PM02-14-16_12-24-12 PM

home office/study

02-14-16_12-22-47 PM 02-14-16_12-22-51 PM

main bathroom

02-14-16_12-21-39 PM 02-14-16_12-21-48 PM 02-14-16_12-21-58 PM 02-14-16_12-22-06 PM 02-14-16_12-22-13 PM

double storey (princess) bedroom

02-14-16_12-23-58 PM 02-14-16_12-24-05 PM


02-14-16_12-23-42 PM02-14-16_12-23-22 PM

master bedroom

02-14-16_12-23-29 PM

master bathroom

02-14-16_12-24-57 PM 02-14-16_12-25-07 PM

(another) bedroom

02-14-16_12-25-19 PM

en suite bathroom

That’s pretty much it! I really enjoy how this turned out and I hope you do too ūüôā This build can be downloaded on the gallery under my username ‘Hirondelle09’.

Thanks ūüėÄ

Disney Legacy Challenge- Chapter 45

Since everyone is aging up and moving on with their lives, I wanted to see how the  other Tanzanites are doing..

01-31-16_3-14-08 AM

Lottie and Jaxson are still together, in love :’) Like all marriages, theirs certainly wasn’t perfect, but I’m glad they stayed together, through thick and thin.

01-31-16_3-11-34 AM

Lottie never had any other children after her twin girls.¬†Katrina took after her mother a little- she’s self-assured, outgoing as well as a snob.

01-31-16_3-12-33 AM

On the other hand, Martina is¬†also self-assured, but she’s a kleptomaniac and evil. She originally had the same hair color as her sister but she dyed it jet black.

I really like these sisters, and I think it’s so interesting how they turned out since I didn’t play their household (I only gave them makeovers).

01-31-16_3-31-57 AM

Back at the Tanzanite household, Tiana had gotten an invitation to a dance party at the ruins.

01-31-16_3-32-43 AM

Lottie, as well as many other family members were there at the party. I love how Tiana is an elder, but she can certainly party better than when she was a young adult!

01-31-16_3-35-55 AM

Tiana and Naveen even shared a romantic moment by the fire, although Naveen wasn’t really feeling it…

01-31-16_3-36-47 AM

He was exhausted, and already in his third trimester.

01-31-16_3-36-34 AM

Poor Aurora was tired as well, not being used to parties, heading home early with her dad.

01-31-16_3-37-06 AM

The night is still young! Well, I’m staying at the party”

01-31-16_3-39-23 AM

So Tiana stayed behind, together with her sisters, enjoying the campfire.

01-31-16_3-39-50 AM

I love the beautiful firelight glow!
01-31-16_3-40-36 AM

“Say plumbobs!”

01-31-16_3-41-05 AM

“It was good see you again, sis, I hope your little girl is doing well”

01-31-16_3-19-16 AM

Naveen was getting pretty far along in the pregnancy, and the babies are due anytime soon now.

01-31-16_3-19-36 AM

“It feels horrible, having these…. creatures inside me”

01-31-16_3-19-48 AM

Naveen wasn’t too happy about it, and he was¬†in an uncomfortable mood the whole time he was¬†pregnant.

01-31-16_3-20-05 AM

“Aw, hang in there love, it’ll be over soon”

To get his mind off things, Naveen decided to have some fun and play a little prank.

01-31-16_3-20-23 AM 01-31-16_3-20-39 AM 01-31-16_3-20-48 AM 01-31-16_3-20-55 AM

He actually did it all autonomously, which was really cute, and it reminded me of when they were still teenagers..

06-05-15_2-48 AM06-05-15_2-48 AM-2

It feels like such a long time ago, doesn’t it? Even the house has changed..

01-31-16_3-51-07 AM

Aurora has continued to work on her painting skills, although she has been spending more time with Nora as well.

01-31-16_4-41-33 AM

From doing their homework together..01-31-16_4-00-23 AM 01-31-16_3-53-27 AM

To having fun in the backyard pool..01-31-16_4-33-54 AM01-31-16_4-33-55 AM01-31-16_4-34-22 AM 01-31-16_3-54-49 AM

It’s nice to see them having fun together- best friends taking on the world together!

Meanwhile, Naveen was having was having a little trouble…

01-31-16_3-55-43 AM

“What is this horrible pain?!”

01-31-16_3-55-45 AM

“Oh my god I think I’m in labor”

01-31-16_4-10-29 AM

And before we knew it, the babies were born. To make things better (or worse), we had twins!

01-31-16_4-11-28 AM

We had a male alien, Xander, and a female alien, ¬†Araceli- in the nursery actually meant for Aurora’s future children…. Funny how things happen, eh?

01-31-16_4-14-26 AM01-31-16_4-16-13 AM

Tiana had no idea that the babies were born, since she was busy managing the shop as usual..

01-31-16_4-36-31 AM

But it was certainly a pleasant surprise to come home to not one, but two aliens!01-31-16_4-11-06 AM

“So… Am I a mom again?”

01-31-16_4-37-29 AM01-31-16_4-36-00 AM01-31-16_4-36-18 AM

“Well, looks like I’ve still got it in me¬†to take care of the little ones…who knew I would be a mom again in my elder years?”

Tiana had told Aurora about her new half-siblings, and about how they’re… different, and Aurora was pretty open minded about it. But Tiana also wanted to talk to her daughter more about, well, the birds and the bees.01-31-16_3-49-38¬†AM

“So, your father just had two babies…”

01-31-16_3-49-37 AM

“But ya know, that’s not how things usually work..”

Tiana proceeded to try to explain things to her daughter, much to the embarrassment of the both of them..

01-31-16_3-49-44 AM01-31-16_3-49-45 AM

“Gosh, does mom have to do this?!”

01-31-16_3-49-58 AM

*Awkward smiles all around*

Tiana- “Well… I’ll just eat this. Don’t look at her. Awkward…”

01-31-16_4-39-01 AM

Despite everything, Aurora was really excited to have two little siblings! She had been an only child all her life, and she’d never thought she’d become an older sister at 15..

01-31-16_4-39-11 AM

“Aw, they’re so cute, even if they look like little grapes”

01-31-16_4-28-16 AM

Naveen, however, wasn’t sure about the new additions to the family..

01-31-16_4-28-18 AM

“They.. they have scales?!”

01-31-16_4-28-22 AM

“Its’s okay naveen, they’re just babies, you can do this”

01-31-16_4-34-37 AM01-31-16_4-30-41 AM

“I don’t think he likes me”

So Naveen wasn’t really having the best time, especially after the horrible pregnancy they put him through..

01-31-16_4-38-27 AM

“Honey, what are we gonna do? Do you think we should send them back to their home planet?”

01-31-16_4-38-44 AM

“Hey, they’re not that bad after all..”

Tiana couldn’t help but smile at her husband’s change of heart.. He just needed some time to warm up to them.

01-31-16_4-35-08 AM

That week, Naveen published a new song- “Alien Nooboos”


Guys, I need your help on this one- should we keep the Aliens or send them back to their home-world? Naveen and Tiana are already elders, and these babies really came out of the blue.. but at the same time, I don’t know how the sims would feel having to send them back- I think it would be pretty bittersweet. ¬†Personally, I’m undecided so I’ll leave it up to you- leave a comment on which you’d prefer!

Disney Legacy Challenge- Chapter 44

In the last part, Tiana and Naveen aged up into elders, and what better way to celebrate than a lovely date out? They headed off to Stony Brooks Park in Windenburg..

01-30-16_8-49-37 PM

“I’m so glad to have you in my life, love”

01-30-16_8-48-20 PM

01-30-16_8-52-32 PM

“You’re more beautiful than the day I met you- strong, confident, charming..”

01-30-16_8-50-47 PM

“How did I land myself such a catch?”

01-30-16_8-50-50 PM

01-30-16_8-50-54 PM

Seeing them so in love, even after so years, isn’t it beautiful?

01-30-16_8-53-02 PM

“Wanna have some fun, dear? These bushes are new, I heard..”

01-30-16_8-53-12 PM

“What are you waiting for, old man?”

01-30-16_8-53-15 PM01-30-16_8-53-23 PM

I’m not sure what to think, seeing those two frolic in the bushes like teenagers..

01-30-16_8-57-53 PM

Tiana and Naveen enjoyed a quiet dinner in the park, right by the oceans. They used to visit fancy restaurants and even nightclubs, but as they grew older, they realized all they really needed to have a good time was each other’s company.

01-30-16_8-44-29 PM01-30-16_9-08-03 PM

Naveen decided to retire from his entertainer career, but he continued to write songs and play the guitar for some fun..

01-30-16_8-43-24 PM

Tiana would never retire or abandon her precious restaurant, but she, too, took a break from managing the restaurant 24/7. Despite being an elder, she pretty much manages all the repairing in the house- what a badass ūüėČ01-30-16_9-10-36¬†PM

She’s been tending the garden and keeping it alive, despite her low skill level and honestly, lack of interest. The garden is important to the Tanzanite family though, some of the plants having been here since Gen 1.

01-30-16_8-40-38 PM

These two are so adorable :’)

01-30-16_9-02-01 PM 01-30-16_9-02-03 PM

Tiana has also been spending more time with her daughter, helping her out with homework and extra credit.

01-30-16_9-11-59 PM

They’ve been watching movies and some of Aurora’s favorite romance comedies together..

01-30-16_9-12-49 PM

“So, how’s life been Aurora?”

01-30-16_9-12-44 PM


01-30-16_9-12-15 PM

It’s weird, having so little sims in the household. Aurora¬†loves her parents¬†deeply, and she’s thankful for the time they spend together now- but conversation still gets awkward. After all, Tiana and Naveen weren’t present for a huge part of her childhood.

01-30-16_9-14-28 PM

“How nice of you to join us, my dashing husband”

01-30-16_9-14-33 PM

Naveen gladly flirted back, as Tiana laughed, nudging her daughter. Her parents certainly weren’t shy when it came to PDA (public displays of affection)

01-30-16_9-14-35 PM

“Well, since we’re all here, why don’t we watch a movie together?”, ¬†Aurora asked with a knowing smile.

01-30-16_9-13-57 PM

‘Uh oh, the girls are going to make me watch ‘The Notebook’…for the 4th time’

The smaller household took a while to get used to, but after a while, the Tanzanite household settled down and life was going well.

01-31-16_3-22-35 AM

Aurora continued to spend time honing her creativity skill, which nothing much to do at home anyway.

01-30-16_9-42-24 PM

There were days where she would head to the family graveyard, still mourning the loss of her grandmother..

01-30-16_9-52-06 PM

But there were also days where she returned home from school feeling confident, and on-top-of-the-world.

01-30-16_9-54-51 PM

“hey girl! I’m feeling great today, wanna come over?”

01-31-16_4-41-33 AM

Aurora and Nora have remained close friends, and she came over pretty often. The girls quickly completed their homework together before heading outdoors..

01-31-16_1-51-47 AM01-31-16_1-52-27 AM

Aurora didn’t have any other friends her age, but having her bestie¬†around was enough.

01-31-16_2-10-28 AM

Meanwhile, Tiana and her sisters took the opportunity to form a sisters club and catch up with each other’s lives. Both Charlotte and Lottie have aged into adults, and Lottie will be turning into an elder pretty soon.

01-31-16_2-09-19 AM01-31-16_2-11-18 AM

Enjoying a massage..

01-31-16_2-13-17 AM

And relaxing in the sauna together01-31-16_2-13-41 AM

“Sis, this was great, we really need to have more girls’ days”

There’s something much bigger happening at the Tanzanite household though..

01-26-16_3-18-25 AM

I didn’t tell you guys, but in the last chapter, Naveen got abducted when the aliens decided to visit. This wasn’t the first time my sims got abducted, so I didn’t think much of it until this..

01-30-16_9-04-11 PM

Naveen started suspecting something weird going on, but he brushed the strange feeling off, not wanting to jump to conclusions.

01-30-16_9-47-28 PM

Naveen and Tiana were just spending some time together out in the gardens, like they did almost every morning..

01-30-16_9-45-40 PM

“I’m not stopping¬†until I get my kiss!”

01-30-16_9-45-38 PM01-30-16_9-45-41 PM

“alright, alright I surrender!”

01-30-16_9-45-47 PM

Things were getting romantic, and really really cute, when this happened…

01-30-16_9-43-29 PM

“It can’t be… could it?”

Naveen had heard stories about aliens impregnating sims, but he never thought it would actually happen to him.

01-30-16_9-43-58 PM

“My love.. remember when I got abducted to Sixam a few weeks ago?”

01-30-16_9-44-09 PM

“Well, I think I’m carrying¬†alien babies in me”

01-30-16_9-43-39 PM

“Oh my god, I think I’m gonna pass out”

01-30-16_9-47-47 PM

“No, I’m going to pass out. This is crazy, I can’t believe this is happening..”

01-30-16_9-47-35 PM

“This is amazing, Naveen, a big shock, but… wow. I’ve heard that alien babies are really rare”

01-30-16_9-47-40 PM

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to manage, my love, we’ll get through this together”

01-30-16_9-49-43 PM

And right on cue, Naveen wet himself. Welcome to the world of pregnancy, Naveen.

01-30-16_9-50-04 PM

Tiana laughed, mopping up the mess as Naveen scurried off to take a bath, embarrassed.

01-30-16_9-04-57 PM01-30-16_9-03-42 PM

The days went on and¬†pregnant life only got harder¬†for Naveen- it just wasn’t natural. I mean, he was carrying alien babies inside him..

01-30-16_9-51-44 PM

“Those darned pregnancy cravings, Naveen.. you’re asking me to make you another cheesecake?!”

Disney Legacy Challenge- Chapter 43

Hey guys, it’s been a while but we’re back with the Tanzanites ūüėÄ In the last chapter, we had our family Christmas celebration!

12-22-15_6-58-49 PM

Charlotte, the youngest Gen 3 child, and Laura had gotten married a while ago, and have been looking for a small home to call their own. This is the Modern Rose Starter  I built:

12-22-15_6-59-31 PM12-22-15_7-00-02 PM

Their home has lots of feminine colors, and the size is just right for them as well.

12-22-15_6-59-43 PM

There’s even a children’s room because…12-22-15_7-06-16¬†PM

They adopted a baby girl! Charlotte and Laura are going to be great parents ūüôā

12-22-15_7-06-17 PM

Back at the main household, Tiana was getting ready to host a huge birthday for her little princess Aurora.

12-22-15_8-29-09 PM

Charlotte, Tiana’s sister, and one of her daughters were there at the party, helping out and spending some time catching up.

12-22-15_8-29-46 PM

The family had spared no expense, renting out a special party gazebo and hiring the best caterers and party-planners in town. The place was beautifully decorated and almost everyone they knew was present!

12-22-15_8-30-10 PM

Happy Birthday, Aurora! 12-22-15_8-30-14 PM

She aged up into a teenager with the soulmate aspiration, and has the ‘romantic’, ‘good’ and ‘alluring’ traits.

01-26-16_2-21-46 AM

Her massive, double-level room was renovated as well, with the first level being a sitting/reading area + walk-in wardrobe.

01-26-16_2-22-41 AM

The second level has a beautiful four-poster bed as well as a study area/desk on the other side of the room.

01-26-16_2-37-47 AM

Just like it was in her childhood, Aurora spent a lot of time alone since she was rarely allowed to leave the house.

01-26-16_2-33-17 AM

She spent most of her time painting or watching romance TV shows (she’s a romantic sim after all).

01-26-16_2-39-19 AM

The only friend that Aurora has is a¬†childhood friend, and they chat over the phone all the time, since they can’t hang out outside like other teenagers. Besides, they weren’t in the same school as Aurora attended a private school.01-26-16_2-28-38¬†AM

Naveen often helps his daughter out with her homework, wanting to make sure that her performance in school didn’t slip.

01-26-16_2-30-14 AM

He loves his daughter, but they didn’t have that great a relationship, and he was still very overprotective. Aurora tried to reason with him- she’s older now and she could take care of herself, but in her father’s eyes, she would always be a little girl.

01-26-16_2-35-24 AM

On the bright side, Charlotte still visited home often, even after moving away.

01-26-16_2-36-08 AM

“I’m really lucky to have everything that I want- I know, but.. something’s missing, I want to make friends and find love”

Aunt Charlotte was usually there to listen to her problems, offering a source of comfort as well as advice. The world can be a harsh place, and Naveen just wanted to protect her from getting hurt. Aurora was still so young, and innocent.

All these troubles aside, the Tanzanites were doing really well.

01-26-16_12-37-02 AM

Tiana had put in months of hard work- gardening, splicing, grafting, fishing- just to get the ingredients for this very very special dish.

01-26-16_2-42-05 AM

Ambrosia. We’d finally succeeded, and made ambrosia- it’s selling price is 10,000 simoleons per plate, for crying out loud. Creating Ambrosia was a huge milestone for Tiana, and she’d put all of her savings into renovating the restaurant for a grand re-opening of Tiana’s Palace, featuring the new dish. You can find pictures/details of the fully renovated restaurant here!

01-26-16_12-33-49 AM

“I’m so proud of you, Tiana, you accomplished everything I never did. Your hard work really paid off”

01-26-16_12-45-45 AM

Business was brisk on the first day, with plenty of regular customers as well as new customers vising the restaurant.

01-26-16_12-40-57 AM

Excited for the re-opening, Tiana worked harder than usual, trying to sell all her dishes, including the Ambrosia.

01-26-16_12-38-48 AM

“It may be expensive- but the benefits of ambrosia are priceless! It’s all organically made, and can only be found here at Tiana’s Palace”

01-26-16_12-34-18 AM

We bumped into lots of family members as well! This is Nyla, one of Tiana’s many cousins. It’s nice to see the rest of the Tanzanites around town, and coming to support Ti.


01-26-16_12-41-47 AM

Finally, after hours of business- we finally sold our very first plate of Ambrosia! With the amount of money made from it, the Tanzanites won’t have to worry about the bills for a long time to come.

01-26-16_2-55-49 AM

As the week passed, business continued to be brisk and Tiana worked all. the time.

01-26-16_2-55-04 AM

She was the only one running the restaurant, so it gets really stressful and her fun levels were constantly low.

01-26-16_2-41-59 AM

Luckily, she always has the support of her husband no matter what. There are some couples who snap under pressure but for them, going through stress and tough times only brings them closer.

01-26-16_3-01-40 AM

However, it wasn’t very long until it was time for Naveen and Tiana to age up into elders, which is crazy- everything happened so quickly!

01-26-16_3-03-02 AM

01-26-16_3-01-05 AM


“ahh.. so this is what being an elder is like”

01-26-16_3-21-12 AM

That night after the family celebrations, Cindy and Aiden sat down to talk..

01-26-16_3-21-30 AM

“Aiden, I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s time for us to move on.. Ti and Naveen are already elders. We’ve had long lives, and I’m happy with the legacy we’ve left behind”

01-26-16_3-21-43 AM

“I agree with you, my love, maybe it’s time that we should move on… it’s how life was meant to be”

01-26-16_3-22-15 AM

“I’ll always love you, daddy”

They broke the news to Tiana, who took it well. Now that Tiana was an elder, she understood that it was only natural for her parents to move on. The hard part, however, was telling Aurora about it. Aurora had grown up under the care of her grandmother and they were best friends. Her grandma meant the world to her..

01-26-16_3-28-30 AM01-26-16_3-24-12 AM

Aurora was in a good mood that night, after the birthday party, cracking jokes and laughing with her grandma.

01-26-16_3-24-14 AM

Cindy, however, couldn’t bring herself to laugh, forcing a small smile instead.

01-26-16_3-23-21 AM

“Baby, I have no other way of telling you this, but your grandpa and I have decided to move on to the netherworld”

01-26-16_3-25-41 AM

Aurora was in shock, as tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes..

01-26-16_3-26-34 AM

01-26-16_3-26-35 AM

“What!? You can’t just leave and ‘move on’. You can’t, Grandma, this isn’t fair”

01-26-16_3-26-39 AM

“What am I going to do without you, grandma? I can’t bear to lose you”

01-26-16_3-26-12 AM


01-26-16_3-27-43 AM

“I’m sorry love, but it’s the way things are… life goes on”

01-26-16_3-27-15 AM

“Aurora baby, you’re going to be okay, I promise. I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Dawn fell, as Cindy brought her granddaughter out to their backyard-

“I have something to show you”

01-26-16_3-33-30 AM

“Look at the last star in the sky, Aurora. Whenever you feel lost or alone, just look up and know that I’ll be here, watching over you my darling. I’ll always be here with you, in your heart.”

With that, Cindy and Aiden headed off to the family graveyard..

01-26-16_3-35-10 AM

“We’ve lived a long life here- now it’s time move on.. See you in our next lives, my love”

01-26-16_3-34-49 AM

01-26-16_3-35-45 AM

Disney Builds- Tiana’s Palace

Hello guys! As you guys know, I’m a huge Disney fan!! I’m starting a series of Disney inspired builds, and I’m super excited about it ūüėÄ The first build I have is actually an old build but I decided to add this in anyway:

01-26-16_12-22-47 AM

This is Tiana’s Palace, a New-Orleans styled restaurant inspired by The Princess and the Frog! I’m currently using it in my Disney Legacy so most of you would have seen it before ūüôā

01-26-16_12-19-31 AM01-26-16_12-19-47 AM

side/exterior of the building


This is the actual restaurant from the movie!

The interior is very classic and fancy, featuring lots of dark woods and greens (because it’s Tiana!)

01-26-16_12-23-40 AM

main entrance and dining area

01-26-16_12-23-05 AM01-26-16_12-27-50 AM

dining area/main counter

01-26-16_12-26-04 AM01-26-16_12-25-57 AM


01-26-16_12-26-24 AM

private sitting room

01-26-16_12-24-16 AM01-26-16_12-24-27 AM

second level

01-26-16_12-25-31 AM01-26-16_12-25-18 AM01-26-16_12-25-10 AM

sitting and dining areas on the 2nd floor

01-26-16_12-24-59 AM

The second floor also looks down into the main dining hall with a great view! 

Public bathrooms are included in the build as well.

The build is CC-Free, and can be downloaded from the gallery here or you can just search the gallery for my username, hirondelle09. Let me know if you have ideas for upcoming Disney builds! I would love to hear them, or you can try your own Disney-inspired builds as well ūüôā